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About Us

While advances in medical science and technology have created a new generation of diagnostic and treatment alternatives which have revolutionized health care, there is universal agreement that something key has been lost – the human and personal touch. With doctors seeing thousands of patients and with low common denominators of service, many people feel estranged from the high quality care and attention they need and desire.


Personal Physicians HealthCare offers a unique solution.


Our idea is simple: Limit the number of patients that are cared for by an exclusive group of highly regarded and experienced physicians to provide the utmost in personal attention and access to care.


Primary care physicians currently are expected to have panels as large as 5,000 active patients, resulting in unavoidable waits, delays, and poor access to care when and where it is needed. Personal Physicians HealthCare guarantees that each of our doctors limits the size of their practice to approximately 300 patients, ensuring that each and every patient will be seen the day and time they need to be seen. By having a small panel of patients we do not need large and impersonal coverage groups. Patients have our cell phone numbers for evening and weekend access, and your doctors are available to care for you.


Small panels of patients, personalized care, and 24-7-365 coverage are not accomodated by the insurance plans under which most of our patients are covered. Our physicians maintain relationships with all insurance programs, allowing for seamless coordination of covered insurance and managed care benefits (pharmacy, hospitalization, etc.). Our annual membership fees enable additional services and amenities not covered by insurance, allowing our doctors the time and facilities to do the very best for our members.


Recognizing the limitations associated with today’s managed care emphasis on cost control and gate-keeping, we commit to having one standard only – doing what is best for our patients.

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